Million Pixel Script ver. 3

Me kete program mund te beni reklama ne sitn tuaj ashtu si ne shembullin Online. Nje mundesi me shume per te bere para.

Million Pixel Script ver. 3 Size ~1,67 MB
With this fully automatic script from texmedia you can create as many different pixel grids as you want and conveniently and easily manage them online.
There are a great number of features in the program that allows you a wide latitude in managing the grids and in the design and layout to match existing website pages. By having your own Million Dollar Homepage like Alex Tew, you can create and manage a marketing website, photo gallery, charity site, a graphical link exchange and other similar webiste add-ons.Once installed and activated, the Million Pixel Script will be working for you.
Million Dollar Homepage
• Charity Site
• Link Exchange
• Photo Gallery
• Winning Game • Renting of Adspaces different sizes • Photo Memory for Weddings/Parties • and many more!
Online Demo

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