Kushtet e Spitaleve Psikiatrike ne Shqiperi

Kushtet e Spitaleve Psikiatrike ne Shqiperi


Lemony Video Subtitler REUPPED

Lemony Video Subtitler REUPPED
Posted by :: klol101 Date :: Feb 27, 2007 21:46:00
Lemony is a subtitling software. It offers an innovative way to work with video subtitles. It allows professional creation of subtitles, captions and karaoke for NLE editors, DVD authoring applications, video players, etc.

Features :

Creation of subtitles, captions and karaoke content.
Import and export of scripts and render of subpictures.
Non linear editing
Subtitles are located in a timeline and can be visually adjusted.
Create and edit subtitles using a timeline, a script or a draft text.
Full Unicode support. With support for vertical and right-to-left scripts, ligatures, etc.
Use different tracks to have subtitles in different languages and display them simultaneously.
Import subtitles in any code page, including DOS (for captions) and Macintosh.
Flexible design
Design text by using styles, palettes, regions and layouts. Change design with one click.
Full control over text attributes, like bold, italic, color, shadow, outline, highlight, boxes, etc.
Support for templates.

Compatible with skins.

Compatible with frame servers.


Great Sex Games by Anne Hooper, Daphne Razazan

Lojra erotike per te nxitur imagjinaten tuaj.

Denumire: Anne Hooper - Great Sex Games (Jocuri Erotice)
Author : by Anne Hooper, Daphne Razazan
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
Format: PDF
ISBN 0751329045
Marime: 24.3 MB
Calitate: buna
Limba: English

Erotic games to excite the imagination and increase sexual confidence. Expand your sexual repertoire and overcome inhibitions with Anne Hooper's unique and imaginative guide to erotic sex games. With something to suit everyone, you and your partner can discover how to live out daring fantasies and spice up your sex life. From stimulating games using an array of tantalizing sex toys and props, to frolics involving water, food, and video cameras, Anne Hooper shows couples how to explore and get the most out of a provocative range of sensual activities.



Astro Flash Creator 1.10

Astro Flash Creator 1.10
What can Astro do for you? Astro creates real-time awesome Flash text effects, which you then can use in your Adobe Flash work, or use directly on your web site.
Your text effect can be further spiced up by adding Flash background and foreground effects. There's a choice from more than 450 (!!) text effects and over 80 other Flash effects.

With the PJ plugin for Astro and the new Supreme4 plugin for Astro, the number of text effects exceeds 1250 !!! There is no other Flash text effects program which can offer you such a large number of effects, or can even come near it!

Size ~ 2.92 MB


Moreover, Astro can add background pictures and sound effects to your Flash file.


Foto Seksi

Size:~1.69 MB



Ben modele ne 3d edhe te animuara.
Blender 2.43 Final the open multiplatform package for 3D modelling, animation, визуализции, post-processings. Opportunities of the program:
- modelling: a plenty of tools, including polygonal, curve surfaces, splines, fonts,
- animation: skeletal animation, time-lapse animation, the key staff, interpolation of intermediate steps of animation,

- A preview: visualization in real time by means of OpenGL, including the miscalculation of particles and collisions of objects,
- visualization: very fast built in рейтрейсер with мозможностью затенения surfaces on method Lambert, Phong, Oren-nayar, Blinn, Toon.

Size: 8.53 MB